u-Rippa: Life Skills-For Life


u-Rippa: Life Skills-For Life

An award winning company, u-Rippa is dedicated to designing and implementing quality water safety and personal development programs.

The greater range of coping responses an individual develops, the greater their chance of coping effectively with diverse life situations

At u-Rippa, we have taken training techniques designed by the Australian Air Service Regiment (SAS), USA Military, Fire Brigades and Police to deal with high-stress situations and tailored them down to make them more fun and easier for students.

Combined with our knowledge for water safety, we have designed programs that deliver essential components for personal development and aquatic survival.

u-Rippa Rip & River Current Simulator

"As a parent, it is natural that I want my child to have the common-sense, knowledge and skills to recognise, avoid and survive dangerous situations.

Where I can’t provide this, I will employ professionals to do so. Professionals whom will take that extra step to ensure my child has the best education available to him.

Swim schools are in the same boat, they are doing all they can to ensure their students are well trained, and for some of the more niggly but just as important skills, they will outsource.

As a professional educator in drowning prevention, the parents and swim schools put their wholehearted trust in me to provide their children with skills, knowledge and experience for surviving one of the worlds greatest accidental killers.

It is a responsibility I take very seriously, which is why I bring the best with the u-Rippa Swift Water Survival and Panic Management Programs"

Scott Bland, Owner/Instructor u-Rippa: Life Skills - For Life

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The u-Rippa has been celebrated with a High Commendation for Community Education Program for the Year at the RLSSA and Austwim Water Safety Awards 



"A single incredible experience has the power to completely change a persons life. 

An impact that opens gateways to new perspectives for who they are as individuals and who they can be". 

Our Aqua-Life programs not only save lives, they have the potential to change lives.

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