Program 2: u-Rippa - Lil' Drifta

Panic Management and Swift Water Survival

The Lil' Drifta course is a comprehensive program that focuses on motivating the student to think their way out of trouble. 

Learning objectives:

  • Panic Management: Develop mental capacity for dealing with high-tense situations.
  • Develop positive instinctive behaviour when in dangerous waters
  • Develop strong skills, endurance and confidence for coping in swift water environments.
  • Explore a range of self rescue techniques that is easiest for your child
  • Learn and practice safe rescue techniques for rescuing a victim in a current.

Excellent skills for life!

Though the Lil' Drifta course focuses on thinking under-pressure in aquatic environments, skills learnt can also be utilised in other aspects of your childrens life for life, including quick and concise decision making in sports, coping with the pressure of exams or dealing with high-stress situations in careers later on in life.

  • Costs: $25
  • Max Participants: 10 per session 
  • Duration: 30-40 min
  • Age: 5 -13 yoa
  • Swimming abilities: Learn to swim, Squads

Example: Lil' Drifta Skill

The students rolls of the pool edge and into the current to complete a somersault underwater (with the assistance of the instructors). This can be completed with a blindfold to make the task more real

The students are disorientated, giving them a real feel for what it could be like to fall into turbulent a current.

After completing this several times, another student throws them a life jacket, which they have to don in the current before reaching a certain point on the pools edge.

This skills set is focusing on finding the surface from capsized boat/getting washed of rocks/slipping into a river etc. and donning a lifejacket in rough waters.